Like Trees in Winter

What would you do if you came across a tree in winter, and you had never seen a tree? Would you notice only the outside, and never examine the inner parts? Who are you when you are stripped bare? Would your inner beauty shine through the lifeless exterior? The outer appearance is not always as it seems, but the roots tell the story.

Like Trees in Winter

Aged and barren
Colorless and lifeless
Branches stripped bare
Dull and fruitless
With no shade to offer
Nothing to give

But underneath
Deep within the earth
The roots remain strong
Hidden buds hint toward
The promise of spring
A broken branch reveals life within

Still loved by the Creator
There is purpose yet to be revealed
Pay attention
When you see the trees in winter
Don’t give up
When you are a tree in winter.

We are loved like trees in winter. We are loved by God not for what we do and not even for who we may become, but because God is love, and we are made in His image. He shines light in the darkness, and brings life out of desolation. The weak and broken, he makes useful and beautiful. He is making all things new.

winter tree



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