About Me

I live in Louisville, KY, and I enjoy simple things like sunshine, coffee, warm socks, and a good book, and not so simple things, like suspension bridges, wi-fi, and faraway lands.

I blog because I forget. I forget to see the beauty in everyday life. I forget to remind myself of the truths of the gospel, of the goodness of God. I forget that hope and joy and love don’t exist only when I feel it, but that it is the very essence and character of God. God is hope. God is joy. God is love. My only hope is in the Lord, I have joy because He has saved me, and I love because He first loved me. And when I forget the goodness and love of God, doubt and unbelief creep in and steal my hope and stifle my joy.

So I write to remember. My hope is that it will remind you, too. If you find something helpful here, please comment and let me know!


Photo on 2012-08-05 at 19.10



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