To Those Weeping and To Those Rejoicing, on Mother’s Day

Holidays are usually a cause for celebration, but often they are also reminders of painful things. While I don’t want to overlook the joys of Mother’s Day and forget to thank God for mothers everywhere, including my own, I must say days like this also remind us of suffering, or of what we’ve lost, or what we’ve never had.

I am sad that I am not a mom and may never be. You might be too, or you might feel a deep sense of loss or isolation for other reasons. Or you might be rejoicing today! We are commanded to rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep. (Romans 12:15) Let’s be mindful of each other!

Honestly, I just want you to know that you are loved. Not just by me, but by the God of the universe who knit you together in your mother’s womb, and who knows you more intimately than you could comprehend. You are not defined by your singleness, or by your infertility, or by your imperfect mothering. You are a child of God. He knows both your joy and your pain. So, whether you are rejoicing or whether you are weeping, or maybe more likely some juxtaposition of the two, I just want to say that I am too, and though it may seem trite, Jesus is enough for us. He really is enough.

To all the women who want to be mothers and are not,
To all the stepmoms and foster moms who don’t feel like “real” moms,
To all the single mothers who wish things were different,
To those who are grieving the loss of a mother or the loss of a child,
To those with strained relationships with their mothers or their children,
You are loved, and you are not alone.
I am weeping with you.

To new mothers welcoming their little ones,
To mothers who work tirelessly and sacrificially without much thanks,
To mothers who never stop loving their kids no matter what,
To those who don’t have children but are amazing mothers to so many,
You are loved, and you are appreciated.
I am rejoicing with you!

Happy Mother’s Day!